Can you Help us get Oxygen to India?

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We have one urgent item to bring to your attention.

Recently we have been in touch with Vinay and Rohini in India. Many will remember that they used to be part of HCC until they moved back to India in December 2019 for Vinay to return to the mission hospital in southern India where he used to work.

Covid is hitting India extremely hard at the moment. As Vinay explains in the short video (click on the image), the epidemic is made worse due to difficulties in India’s healthcare systems. In particular the lack of oxygen is critical. Covid has, in the last few days, started to hit the area where Vinay and Rohini live, and the hospital where Vinay works.

We urgently need to pray for the nation of India at this time, that the epidemic is brought under control quickly, and for all those affected.

We have asked Vinay about where HCC could be of direct and immediate help to his hospital and the other mission hospitals in the same group during the crisis. He has said that the provision of equipment to provide oxygen is the most important item that they need to help them treat patients. Some of the hospitals also need PPE.

An oxygen concentrator normally costs £600-700. Can we come together as a church to support Vinay and his hospital and help India as a nation? We believe that we could buy one, or perhaps more, oxygen concentrators, and help with other much needed equipment. [paragraphs amended from initial version]

The church will contribute out of general funds, but would you like to make a personal contribution towards this? If so, you can make a donation in 3 ways:

  • by arranging a bank transfer to bank account 402522 81461540
  • by dropping cash or a cheque in an envelope through the door of 83a
  • by going to the website and giving through the Donate page via Stripe

Gifts through the church may attract gift aid. Please mark donations ‘oxygen for India’ if you can. The need is urgent, so we would ask for any donations to be made by next Wednesday (19th May) if possible. We are able to transfer the money to Vinay personally, so ensuring that all gifts go directly to this cause.

Thankyou so much for considering this.

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