Pastoral and Discipleship

At HCC, we recognise that great pastoral care is the hallmark of a great church and we want to develop the highest quality of pastoral care that we can. Pastoral care is the provision of spiritual, emotional, physical and practical support where it is needed. Our goal is that no one is missed but that everyone coming to HCC receives an appropriate level of care. We will, however, focus our pastoral resources primarily on those who have come into commitment at HCC.

Pastoral care is overseen in HCC by Tim as the senior leader. A team consisting of Tim, Trevor Payne, Jean Casling and Ania Anderson meet regularly to review pastoral needs and care in HCC. Whilst we all commit to undertaking a degree of pastoral care ourselves, it is a core HCC belief that pastoral care is not simply the remit of a few in leadership positions, but that it is the responsibility of everyone, as members of the church, to look out for others who are in need and to try and help where we can.

We aspire to build a culture where we all relate with one another in a way that we pick up individual needs through routine conversations. However, this may not always happen. Any pastoral needs can be referred to Trevor Payne in the church office on 01480 411665, or to any of the Pastoral Team at any time (contact details are in the monthly news sheet). We will then decide the appropriate response, which may involve action by one of the team, or, if appropriate, we may ask another member of the body to become involved.

As well as being a church that responds to the call of God to reach out to the lost in Huntingdon, we also firmly commit to care for each and every member of the church, and, where possible, those associated with us. Please do let us know if you are aware of a need that we should be looking to meet.