Plumbline Ministries International Recordings

Here you can listen to a variety of talks recorded during Plumbline Ministries International events.

PL Leaders Conference 2018Roy Wheeler16th November 201855 minutesListen
PL Leaders Conference 2018Tim Anderson - Ignite Network17th November 201873 minutesListen
PL Leaders Conference 2018Communion & Graham Wylie17th November 201812 minutesListen
PL GB VisionTim Anderson18th May 201844 minutesListen
PL GB EveningSteve Simcox18th May 201853 minutesListen
Represent 2017 - Saturday morningNess Wilson1st July 201752 minutesListen
Represent 2017 - Saturday afternoon - interviewsNess Wilson, Tim Anderson and Simon Matthews1st July 201747 minutesListen
Represent 2017 - Saturday afternoonNess Wilson1st June 201724 minutesListen
Represent 2017 - Sunday morningTim Anderson2nd July 201754 minutesListen