Other Recent HCC Talks

Here you can listen to some recent talks here.

A Church of our DreamsTim Anderson11th November 201838 minutesListen
Going Deeper in PrayerSusan Ozer3rd June 201842 minutesListen
Filling with the Holy SpiritTim Anderson20th May 201837 minutesListen
VisionTim Anderson13th May 201837 minutesListen
The Call of the ResurrectionSimon Matthews1st April 201828 minutesListen
From the CrossRoy Wheeler25th March 201833 minutesListen
HCC Vision 2018Tim Anderson7th January 201851 minutesListen
The Midnight HourRoy Wheeler10th December 201745 minutesListen
Overcoming 'being dropped'; we are seated at the King's table!Roy Wheeler18th June 201738 minutesListen
Water - Symbolic of the Refreshing Power of the Holy SpiritTim Anderson28th May 201719 minutesListen
Destiny and God's planSimon Matthews19th February 201747 minutesListen
Vision SundayTim Anderson8th January 201648 minutesListen
PeaceRoy Wheeler4th December 201645 minutesListen
Living with KindnessRobert Holden20th November 201642 minutes Listen
Listening to GodTim Anderson6th November 201629 minutesListen