The Cross

The Cross

Inspired by Derek Tidball’s book ‘Message of the Cross’ (IVP 2001) Simon Marchant and Tim Anderson are taking us through a series that invites us to take a fresh look at the Cross anticipated through the Old Testament and experienced in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, ‘to stand at the foot of the cross once more and gaze at it in gratitude and faith through the eyes of the witnesses of Scripture” and

‘to embrace again what was achieved in that glorious moment, when heaven’s love and heaven’s justice met on a cross and crucified love was poured out on us.” (Derek Tidball

Podcast- March 2023 – The Cross Anticipated- Cross Foreshadowed

Sunday 12th March 2023 – The Cross Anticipated- Sacrifice Explored

Sunday 19th March 2023- The Cross Experienced- Christ Crucified

Sunday 26th March 2023– The Cross Experienced – The Suffering Servant