Linked Networks

We are part of Plumbline Ministries International (link to Facebook page), a family of churches and ministries based in England and Ireland and in a number of locations around the world. Our eldership receives support and guidance from the leadership team of Plumbline. Plumbline holds a number of events for church leaders throughout the year, and arranges the 'Represent' family weekend at Burleigh Hill Farm, St Ives, in July, for the England-based churches.

We are also members of Churches Together in Huntingdon and Godmanchester, which comprises 15 Christian churches across the two towns. Churches Together oversees a wide range of activities, from monthly breakfasts to regular prayer events and providing a 'thought for the day' on the local radio station.

We also have an informal relationship with 2 Huntingdon town centre churches: the Town Centre Anglicans, based at St Mary's Church and All Saints on the market square, and Huntingdon Methodist Church. We arrange a number of events together, including the Huntingdon Beach Party and the Children's Holiday Club

You can find out more information on the 2 networks through the links below.