Huntingdonshire Community Church Privacy Notice

Huntingdonshire Community Church holds personal information on individuals within the church to help us run activities within the church, fulfil a pastoral role and to administer church finances. For individuals outside the church, we hold personal contact information so that we can keep people informed of events being run by the church.

Data held includes contact details, pastoral/discipleship information, membership of rotas, financial information (for those who give regularly to HCC), information relevant to safeguarding and HR information related to church employees.

Data protection legislation allows us to process this information as we regard it as being in the church’s legitimate interest. The data is used solely in pursuit of the activities of the church and pastoral/discipleship needs of its members. Some of this data may be regarded as sensitive in that it may identify the individuals’ religion or may relate to pastoral issues. Such data is only held for individuals who have a clear connection with HCC.

We delete personal information 3 years after an individual’s last contact with the church.

Data is used by HCC staff only, with the exception that contact details for attendees at events organised by the Town Centre Churches (HCC, the Town Centre Anglicans and Huntingdon Methodist Church) are shared with those churches. No further data is passed to third parties without individuals’ express permission. We do not carry out any automated decision-making based on the personal data we hold.

Information supplied will be held either in paper form, which is kept in a securely locked cupboard in the church office, or in electronic form on the church office laptop. Data is shared between members of the church leadership team using the cloud sharing systems.  Only the 3 pastors and the paid staff of the church have access to the personal information held by HCC.  All laptops used to process personal information within HCC are password-protected. Financial information may only be processed by the Administration Manager.

Any individual on whom HCC holds data may ask to see that data and, if necessary, have that data corrected. Individuals have a right to object to their personal data being processed by HCC. If an individual wishes to raise a complaint against HCC’s processing of their personal data, they may approach the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Individuals are under no obligation to provide us with their personal data; however, failure to provide the necessary data for safeguarding purposes may make it impossible for individuals to serve in certain roles within the church.

Our contact details are: Huntingdonshire Community Church, 83a High Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 3DP, Tel: 01480 411665, email Our point of contact for data protection matters is Trevor Payne, Administration Manager.