Room Pricing

The rooms are priced as shown below. We are always happy to discuss adjustments to rates to fit budgets, if the proposed use is for the clear benefit of the community.

Charities / Voluntary OrganisationsCommercial / Business Organisations
Room 1 (10 x 8.6 m)£15 per hour£20 per hour
Room 2 (8 x 5.8 m)£12 per hour£15 per hour
Rooms 1 and 2£25 per hour£30 per hour
Upstairs Rooms£7.25 per hour£10.25 per hour
PA system£43£50
Data Projector£30£35
Opening and closing the building out of hours£5 (to open up)£5 (to close down)

A £10 charge will be made if a member of HCC staff needs to attend for opening and closing the building if the hire is outside normal working hours (Mon- Fri, 9am-5pm)