Small groups

We believe that belonging to a small group of other believers that meet at regular intervals is an excellent way to grow and be supported as a Christian. Group meetings involve discussions of bible topics, worship, prayer, and sharing needs, concerns and successes! Most importantly they also involve fun, and enjoying life together as Christians! In a small group everyone gets to be heard, loved and accepted. Everyone also gets to bring something unique. There are also opportunities for groups to run a project as a group.

We currently have small groups based in the following areas:

  • Stukeley Meadows

The Stukeley Meadows Group often meets in Stukeley but brings together people from over a wide area. The group meets 3 times a month, on a Tuesday evening, at 7.30pm. Each November for the last 2 years, the groups a has run a ceilidh for friends and newcomers.

  • Godmanchester

The Godmanchester group meets at a member’s house in Godmanchester, every fortnight on a Tuesday, at 8.00 pm. The group loves discussing and chewing over a passage or a theme. We learn and help each other through discussing the scriptures and praying for ourselves and those around us.

  • Hinchingbrooke

The Hinchingbrooke group is a group with ‘huge hearts’; they love reading the bible, praying for people and sharing news. Members are committed as friends, differences exist but they don’t matter. The group is prayerful, peaceful and mutually encouraging. Despite the name, the group includes people from across Huntingdon and has recently started to meet in a number of different locations across the town. They love praying for others, especially for people to become Christians. The group meets on Thursday evening at 8 pm every 2 weeks.

  • Central Huntingdon Friday Morning Ladies Group

A number of ladies in the church meet every Friday Morning in the homes of those who come to the group. We begin at 10 am with refreshments, then an opportunity is given for anyone to raise a question on a Biblical text or passage that they have been reading. Often just a simple question sets off a lively and informative discussion. In addition to this, we are currently going through the study book ‘4Life’.  We also value sharing news with and supporting one another.

If you would like to join one of our small groups, please get in touch.