Karting Trip

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On a soggy Sunday afternoon in November, a number of us set out to Red Lodge karting circuit near Newmarket, to show our prowess, or lack of it, behind the wheel.

The weather was not the best – drizzly rain, low cloud, cold, darkness coming early! Hands were frozen after a few laps in the thin gloves we were given!

But – it was amazing fun!! Some were trying it for the first time, others had even been to this circuit before. Many started off tip-toeing round the slippery track, building up confidence. And then, just when you thought you had mastered it, the back end of the kart would come round and you’d be facing in the opposite direction!

On this day it was like riding dodgems! But it was also great fun finding out how a vehicle handles when slipping and skidding!

Of course the competition was fierce, and some of our slightly more experienced friends won the trophies!

It was a great evening of fun together, and so good for some from HCC to mix with others from outside the church.

Here’s looking forward to next time!















And you can watch the video too!