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We have a photography club!

HCC's Photography Club is a way of enhancing our ability to see the beauty in the world and capture a moment in time within a single frame.

Now, no matter how romantic that statement might sound and make you eager to sign up ASAP, I want to mention a few more benefits our club offers.

So if you :

  • Love visiting interesting new places
  • Enjoy eating in the company of friendly and interesting people
  • Enjoy chatting about life, photography, food and whatever else interests you
  • Revel at the opportunity to meet up with people you know and people you will soon get to know
  • Enjoy taking photos of beautiful places

well, I think the club is just for you!

Okay, forget the sales pitch, the club is 50% social and 50% photography. So the good news is if you don't like taking photos, you are still welcome to join.

You won’t need to own a camera (but if you do, that’s great) as using your phone camera can be just as good. Also, you don't need to learn new photography skills but should you want to, I am there to help as much as you want.

I’m guessing that on reading the above, you might be confused and thinking, what sort of photography club is this? Well, I like to think of it like this. Photography is great. I live for it and enjoy capturing beautiful images. However, I have come to realise that living life to one's fullest is what truly matters and if you’re able to include photography, well that’s even better. So that is how we are. We spend a few enjoyable hours out together, have an enjoyable and tasty meal and as part of the day take a few photos. Now that's living!

If you're interested, please contact the HCC office for further details on  or fill in the contact form below.

Jean-Francois Rodrigues


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